Friday, January 25, 2008

New Shoes

Based on a tip from Buby's Mom, Lilypad Princess and I took a ride to the a local children's shoe store. I wasn't sure what size she was wearing anymore, so I wanted to get her size checked, plus they are having a liquidation sale so I wanted to take a look.

It was a good thing we went, she was wearing size 7 shoes, but she is definitely a size 8, inching towards 8.5 very quickly. In European sizing that is a 24, but there are no half sizes, so the woman recommended going with the 25 to get a little more wear out of them.

LP was not in a shoe mood today, which is very unusal. She did not want to take off her pink sneakers, did not want to try anything else on, but did cooperate after she realized we could go to lunch with Munchkinetta and her mom once we were done (they were there buying new shoes as well).

We ended up with the navy blue, t-strap mary jane Naturinos shown above. Naturinos mimic walking on sand and guarantee just the right stability to let the child move freely. They also provide ideal support to the entire foot arch. Best of all, you can remove the insole and throw the rest of the shoe right in the washing machine!

I think these will be perfect for walking around Disney World this spring, as well as for the playground, in the gym at preschool, and daily errands. I do wish the store had them in one of the pink colors shown below in her size though, considering at least half if not more of her wardrobe is pink!

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Buby & Co. said...

It's so funny that LP, Munchkinetta, and BP were all at the same store today. Buby loved it yesterday. He was totally in a shoe mood, which surprised me. I think he tried on 4 pairs and kept asking for more. We may go back tomorrow with Buby's Daddy to get a pair of hikers while they are on sale. By the way, I LOVE the ones you bought in navy blue. Navy will look cool with all of LP's light blue stuff.