Thursday, January 17, 2008

Melt Down

I joined the Melt Down program at the gym on Monday. It is supposed to be similar to The Biggest Loser, it is an 8 week competition to see who can lose the biggest percentage of body weight.

I know I won't win the competition (you are disqualified if you miss 1 weigh in, and I'll be away for a week) but I thought it would be extra accountability for me. We have to weigh in every week, and every other week they will take our measurements. Plus they took a before picture and will take an after picture at the end.

I won't post any of my statistics here, I'm not that brave (and they made me want to cry so I really don't want any reminders) but I'll let you know percentage changes after the weigh ins each week (knowing that I have to post my progress will keep me motivated!)


Buby & Co. said...

Good luck! What a cool idea making it into a competition. Tom is complaining he's going to need to trim down after Bebe's born... he's gaining sympathy weight like mad.

Ashley said...

Way to go! I've been working out a lot more this year and I can tell you, just remember muscle weighs more than fat. Keep up the good work!

Blue House Mom said...

You continue to inspire me. Good luck with your measurements. I have no doubt that you'll see progress very soon.