Tuesday, December 4, 2007


What does a 2 year old have nightmares about? I figured it might be monsters, witches, or maybe getting lost. We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas the other night and I was afraid that might scare her, but she didn't wake up that night. Halloween didn't cause nightmares either.

When Lilypad Princess woke up crying and yelling at 2 am last night I immediately thought it was Eon from Rudolph's Shiny New Year which we watched together last night. That Eon is pretty frightening, I'll admit I was a little nervous I'd have nightmares about him. So when I woke up to her crying and yelling I felt guilty for letting her watch it.

That was until I was awake enough to understand what she was yelling. No, the nightmare wasn't about Eon. She was yelling "Try on my dress! Try on my dress PLEASE!" Apparently my 2 year old has nightmares about not being allowed to put on a dress instead of pants.

I couldn't get her calmed down in her crib, and even nursing and snuggling in the chair couldn't calm her down. So finally I got out one of her sundresses and put it on over her pajamas. Then she quickly snuggled back into bed and went right back to sleep.

We are in big trouble with this one aren't we?

Eon photo from google images


Blue House Mom said...

That is too funny. LP certainly makes her mind up about things. I can just hear her in 16 years..."my prom dress, I want my prom dress". She's a riot. As for the nightmares, we've been through them all. Ever since Grace was born. That, along with her brace & her genetics, all add up to sleepless nights. She usually says things like "no like it" or "scary" while she's sleeping, but we have no idea what horrible things she's dreaming about. Maybe LP can talk to her about it. Who knows, maybe Munchkinetta just wants to wear a tutu! I love LP stories like this one. Thanks for sharing.

Buby & Co. said...

She's such a tomboy in other ways, but she loves her pretty things. Dresses, tutus, shoes. That makes her VERY well rounded. Haha. Buby had a nightmare before he was articulating real well what it was about. That was a long time ago. Since then, the only thing that has scared him out of his sleep has been the sound of wind hitting his windows in a storm. He wakes up crying for us everytime, and when we walk in he says "Just the wind, Mama." "The wind and snow and leaves." So he knows it's nothing bad, but he still loves to be comforted. And we love to comfort him.

Carolyn said...

Oh my pooooor L.Princess. I called your Auntie La so she will call you and teach you all about turning your pillow over and "changing the station" of your dreams. Hope that tonight's dreams are all sugar and spice and everything nice.... oops, that won't work, you really don't like sugar and sweet. Well I do hope that you and Mommy get a good night sleep. Sending you Happy Dreams, love, Nana