Sunday, December 2, 2007

Carrying on Traditions

We started out Christmas decorating the other night. The first thing that we put up this year was the nativity. This is the same nativity set that I used to set up with my mom. She has lent it to us to use now, and I am so happy to have it this year.

I set the box down on Lilypad Princess's little table and started unwrapping each piece. LP stood on her little chair and repeated each name as I said it. When I handed her each piece, she chose a place to set it up.

She is facinated by the nativity and has been very carefully playing with it each day. She likes to set up Mary and Joseph to look out the window, has the peasant woman bringing food and feeding the baby Jesus, and carries the sheep all over the house. Last night she fed the sheep some raisins and pretend doughnut and gave him a bath in her water glass.


Blue House Mom said...

It's so sweet that your Mom has passed on the Nativity. I had a nice one out this year, but I think I'll replace it with the Playmobil one. My daughter isn't as gentle-handed as your LP. Neither are my cats!

Carolyn said...

Dear Lilypad Princess,
Seeing you playing with the Nativity brings back visions of your Mommy and Auntie La as if it were just yesterday.

Dear Lilypad Mommy, Enjoy every minute of her discoveries. Time goes by too fast.

I love you both, LP's Nana