Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy 60th birthday to a wonderful dad and grandpa. In honor of his 60 years, here's a short list of things about my dad, 1 for each decade.

1. You'll find him on the golf course any Saturday that there isn't a foot or more of snow, lightning, or... I can't think of anything else that will keep him off the course.
2. He was a great softball coach and taught me how not to catch like a girl.
3. He was willing to drive 6 hours a day to pick me up from college at the last minute just for the weekend.
4. He is a great cook, especially sauce and meatballs which you will find on the stove every Sunday afternoon from September through May.
5. He is responsible for my love of the Yankees.
6. He is the best Grandpa any little girl could as for, he loves Lilypad Princess with all of his heart and she loves to spend time with her Grandpa.


Blue House Mom said...

Happy Birthday! I love what you've written. He sounds like a fantastic Dad. Love the part about meatballs and sauce every Sunday. That's such a great thing. And the know my husband appreciates that. What about LP? What team does she root for? Are her parents putting conflicting subliminal messages into her pretty little head at night? Hee, hee. Happy Birthday to LP's Grandpa!

Buby & Co. said...

Happy 60th Birthday to LP's Grandpa!! What a sweet dedication. I love that you always know where he is on Saturdays... and what he's cooking on Sundays. My whole family is Yankees fans, and I just don't know what my parents would do if we raised Buby to be anything else. It would destroy them if we ever went RED.