Thursday, November 1, 2007

Borders Storytime

enjoying a book
We actually missed the Halloween stories at the bookstore on Halloween morning (had to take the car into the shop, I hate cars), but we still headed over anyway to meet up with a friend of Lilypad Princess. Uncle Dave, Ruby's mom Nana, Lilypad Dad and I all took turns following the two girls around the bookstore while the other adults had a little snack. Lilypad Princess enjoyed a couple of books, and had a little breakdown on the floor when it was time to go. But once we were outside the store the girls enjoyed walking around holding hands.

don't make me leave the books!
Something is wrong with the blogger photo upload right now, I guess I'll have to finish posting tomorrow!


Ashley said...

The second photo cracks me up. She is such a character! I also love her artwork at the top, how did you get that there? It's a great idea.

Buby & Co. said...

Way cute! Especially the one of her reading alone.