Monday, October 29, 2007

A visit

Grandpa and Nannie came down to visit yesterday, the first of a busy week of visits for Lilypad Princess. Grandpa and Nannie got here late morning, intending to have an early dinner and get back on the road at a decent time, but were having such a good time with LP that they didn't leave until almost 9.

We hope you aren't too tired today Grandpa and Nannie!

While I was trying to figure out Grandpa's new blackberry phone for him, LP conned Nannie into opening her rice bucket for her. The three of them spent the next couple of hours on the floor burying their hands in rice, wearing a bucket as a hat and laughing until their faces hurt.

Once they were finally done playing with the rice, we headed down to the outlets so that Nannie could pick out the bowls that her mom wanted her to get as a present. We managed to find them in the color she wanted, plus she got some new steakknives, so she was happy.

I picked up another dress for LP's dress up trunk, and between Grandpa and Nannie and I, she has a few new Gymboree dresses to wear.

Grandpa and Nannie came bearing gifts of the food kind, they brought LP some halloween cupcakes that she wasn't very interested in, but she enjoyed the pink frosted, Halloween sprinkled doughnut!


Buby & Co. said...

love her in dresses!! cute find.

Blue House Mom said...

I love seeing her eat a doughnut, especially one covered in sprinkles and frosting!