Tuesday, October 9, 2007

School and Swimming

School went very well today. The theme of the day was trees. The kids started off by putting a leaf with their name onto the tree, then listened to a story about trees. The art project was leaf rubbings and gluing paper "leaves" onto a picture of a tree. They also had their first time in the gym, Lilypad Princess and one of the little boys had fun playing tag.

This was LP's first swim class since April, and my first class back since last fall. I am so impressed with how well she is swimming now. She wore a bubble and actually swam on her own by the end of the class. She climbed out of the pool without any help, and loves to jump back in. Her favorite part of today's class was being thrown up and down in the pool.

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Blue House Mom said...

How have you gotten away with no swimming since last Fall? Ha, ha! Lillian looks adorable in the pool. She's such a fish!