Friday, October 5, 2007

Run Run Run

Despite the 92 degree heat today, Tigerlily, Buby, Barefoot Princess and Munchkinetta enjoyed running around outside at Buby's this morning. Buby and his mom hosted another wonderful playdate, with the first clementines of the year, yummy homemade banana bread, and (of course) bagels with cream cheese.

Bright red cheeks and sweaty hair didn't stop the kids from chasing each other in circles around the tree. I'll post links to the videos on YouTube as soon as they are finished uploading.
Ok, here's the first video.
Here's the second.
I'll finish uploading the rest tomorrow, for now I'm off to bed!
And here's the last 2 videos
Video 3
Video 4


Buby & Co. said...

This was a fun to watch again! Thanks.

Blue House Mom said...

I love listening to the kids laugh and squeal with delight.