Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday isn't always bad

We had a nice day today, despite the fact that it was a Monday. Well, the day was better once Lily woke up from her nap. She was quite grouchy at Little Gym this morning after I made her take off her sunglasses and shoes to go into class.

Lily's dad was off of work today, so Lily helped him put together a couple of her toys that we've had put away. She loves her shopping cart from Grandpa and Nannie, I should have brought it out sooner. She went "shopping" in my kitchen cupboard, and currently has a basket full of pineapple juice, chicken broth and tomatoes.

After that was done (and I was done paying bills) we took a nice walk to take advantage of what I think is the last warm day. Lily rode her bike while her dad and I walked all the way to the park. She played on the slides and played pretend in the net.

The best part of the day happened during dinner, Nana came to visit! She's going to go to preschool with us tomorrow and then we're spending the afternoon together. I think we're going to go pick out material to make Lily her own, special trick or treat bag.

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Blue House Mom said...

Have fun with Nana! I like the idea of a special trick or treat bag. It's something she can use year after year. Hmmmm...maybe I'll mention it to my Mom! I'm having a tough time accepting a store-bought costume over a handmade one and a little bag may be just the thing I need to get over it! Thank you for the idea!