Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Fall

Fall weather has arrived. It was a chilly day today, but the rain held off long enough to have a playdate at a local farm/orchard. 5 kids made the playdate today and we even got a picture of them all together!

The highlight of the day for the kids was the little village. There were about 10 different kid-sized buildings for them to play in, from a firestation to a jail to an ice cream parlor (PP's favorite). It was a little hectic when we first arrived because there were a couple of elementry schools there on field trips, but our little ones held their own against the big kids and eventually had it almost entirely to themselves.

The pretend ice cream didn't fill them up enough, so we eventually made our way over to a little wooden cart for lunch, then took a walk through the orchards and the (almost completely empty) pumpkin patch. I don't have any pictures from there though, I forgot to charge the battery for the camera before leaving this morning.


Blue House Mom said...

I loved the weather today. I love a good chill in the air. I turned the heat on as soon as I came home, though! We had a great time today.

Buby & Co. said...

We had a great time. Love the lunchtime photo. Will snag this one from your snapfish.

Jayme said...

I love L's hat and cute!