Friday, October 19, 2007

Fairy Dancing & Window Washing

Dancing fairies and window washers got together for a playdate today. Thank you to Blue House Mom and Munchkinetta for hosting such a wonderful day. Blue House Mom had a wonderful array of food for moms, kids, and visiting Nana's. Munchkinetta was a perfect hostess, sharing all of her toys so nicely.

Buby, Munchkinetta, Barefoot Princess and Lilypad Princess all made it today, starting off the playdate with a little elephant ride, some toy play and a yummy breakfast of grapes, strawberries, bagels, apple pancake and pumpkin spice cake.

After earning their breakfast by cleaning the windows of the playroom, the three girls donned Munchkinetta's fairy dress and Buby joined in the dancing.

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Blue House Mom said...

We had a great time, too. So glad everyone (including your mom) could make it!