Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dress up trunk update

We haven't started the hunt for the trunk yet, but I have begin filling it already. I worked at The Children's Place for a couple of hours today and snagged a couple of the Halloween costumes to start her dress up collections. One is a dancing fairy costume with a tutu, antenna and wings and the other is a pink princess costumer with a tiara and veil. Hopefully LP will like them!


Buby & Co. said...

Oh my gosh!! LOVING the dancing fairy with the tutu. Wonder what Buby would look like in a tutu! You should keep hiding away these wonderful finds and give her an old truck for xmas that's just full of them. If you can hold out that long. Haha.

Blue House Mom said...

I picked up the exact same costumes last week. And a few more from Disney. I'm also looking for a trunk now.