Monday, October 22, 2007

Create a tree

Yesterday Lilypad Princess and I went for a walk around the neighborhood collecting pretty leaves that have fallen off the trees. LP carried her little basket the whole way, filling it up with red, yellow, orange and green foliage.

Today we created our own tree with the leaves. I drew a tree (I'm definitely not an artist) onto a large sheet of paper and set LP to work with the glue bottle and leaves.


Blue House Mom said...

So I'm assuming the easel is big hit? Cute. I don't think Grace would know what to do if I gave her glue. She'd probably eat it.

Buby & Co. said...

I really love this. Great idea. We have found so many leaves for our leaf project, and they are in a pile on my counter. I guess I could give him some paper and glue and see what happens!!! Last week at preschool I couldn't get the glue out of his hands. He was trying to squirt it like a water bottle. So the thought of that on my rug... ugh. Maybe stick paste!