Sunday, October 7, 2007

Butterfly Hunting

On the hunt
One of Lily's favorite past times at the beach this summer was butterfly hunts. The house across the street from PopPop's beach house has a beautiful butterfly bush that is always covered with butterflies. She loved going over with her daddy, catching a butterfly to put in her little bug house and bringing it back to show me, Nana, and Pop Steve. We always said goodbye to the butterfly after a little while and let him fly back to his mommy and daddy.

So we bought two more nets and another house to bring home with us. On Friday night, Lily's dad was home early so he, Lily and Uncle Dave went on a butterfly hunt in our yard and in Uncle Dave's yard. They caught a beautiful monarch that Lily brought home to show me. Then we let him go back to his family.
bringing him home
Look Mommy!
The butterfly

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Blue House Mom said...

She is such a nature girl. Very sweet.