Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snowed in

Another March snow storm! Just when you think spring has started and start enjoying the 65 degree weatherm a surprise storm reminds you that winter isn't over yet.

Luckily we made it to Blue House Mom and Munchkinetta's house for their playdate yesterday. Tigerlily had a great time with Munchkinetta, Buby, and Barefoot Princess. All the kids had a great time playing together in Grace's house her daddy made out of a box. With all the great toys Munchkinetta has, the carboard box was the biggest hit of the day.

Once we got home from Munchkinetta's we were snowed in for the rest of the day. I just tried to take some pictures of the snow in the backyard, but it's so deep I can't get the backdoor open! It may be too deep to even take Lillian out to play today. I'm hoping that it's nice enough to get outside for a little while though.


Carolyn said...

Hi Lily,
Remember to ask your Mom about the Christmas when all she and little Mike Romanko would play with were the boxes. :-) Of course she was just little like you so maybe I will have to tell you the story when you are ready.
Hugs and Kisses Nana

Allison said...

Cardboard boxes are the best. Glad you could make the playdate!

Christina said...

Lilly / Erika / Mike:
If you ever feel the need to escape the ongoing winter and dig your toes in some warm sand, there is an open invitation for you to stay with me in LA! Just tell me when....

P.s. believe it or not, I do miss the snow ~ but Lilly can enjoy it on my behalf! :)