Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Lily just loves Buby. She's come up with her own name for him, Da-Ga. We were a little late to Little Gym last week and when we were walking in she could see him through the window. She started pointing and yelling DA-GA! DA-GA! You wouldn't have thought she'd just spent the afternoon with him the day before. She went running in trying to give him a hug.

This was taken last week, they both insisted on wearing their rainboots for most of the day. They took them off for nap, but put them right back on again in the afternoon.

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Carolyn said...

Ok, guess we're all a little mixed up on the use of foot covering. You want to wear you Lady Bug Rain Boots for slippers and your Pop-Pop Steve lets you go walking with him and splash in every puddle with your slippers on! Who is more confused you or Pop Steve ????

All of my love, Nana