Saturday, March 10, 2007

18 Months Old

I can't believe my baby is 18 months old today. How has she grown so fast?
We had a wonderful day together to celebrate. When she woke up this morning she came into bed with us to nurse and then snuggle for a while. Once she was ready to start playing, she and I came downstairs so Mike could sleep some more. We cuddled on the couch for a while watching Little Einsteins together, then colored and read a couple of books. We went out for breakfast once Mike woke up (Vick came with us too as a thank you for helping with the attic squirrels!).

After breakfast we all took a nap. She woke up just as Mike was leaving, so he brought her into me. She nursed and we cuddled in bed for a while again. We've been playing in the living room most of the day, she keeps running over and throwing herself on me to give me hugs. They are the best kind.

I tried to do an 18 month photo shoot, she didn't want to have anything to do with it. The only way I could keep her still was to give her monkey to read to.

I wanted to do a comparison picture of her and monkey together, but she just wanted to dance with him.

3 Days vs 18 Months


Allison said...

Happy Eighteenth Lillian! It sounds like you all had a wonderful day! I'm sure there will be many more.

Carolyn said...

Dear Lily,

I will remember you dancing in your bedroom with your Angelina doll in your tutu even when you are 18 YEARS old. Dancing with you before bed is one of my very favorite memories.

Snuggles from Nana