Monday, February 19, 2007

My First Post

Since Lillian is changing so quickly and doing new things almost every day, I decided to try creating a blog to keep everyone up to date on her latest news. Hopefully I'll find time to update it every couple of days or so.

We are still taking swim classes, she had the last class of her 4th session today! She really enjoys going to swim class, especially since she usually gets to swim with her daddy. She kicks and paddles, blows bubbles, and jumps into the pool. We are also still going to The Little Gym once a week, we just started the second session. She can swing on the bars now, walks on the balance beam (almost running) and can almost do a somersault all by herself. She gets excited and starts kicking and screeching as soon as we pull into the parking lot.

She wasn't too happy about all the snow we got last week. It was too deep for her to walk on her own, and she was mad at me because we couldn't bring her police car out to drive in the snow. She did enjoy her sled for a few minutes and took her mitten of to experience the snow. She took a bite of it and was a little surprised by how cold it was.

She has a large sign language vocabulary now, and is able to tell me what she wants or needs. She is so proud of herself whenever she uses a new sign, her newest one is "help". She is also turning into a monkey, she climbs on everything these days! She called me from the kitchen the other day, she had climbed up into her highchair all by herself. Nothing in the house is safe anymore. Even the cats can't hide from her anymore.

New videos have been added to YouTube from Valentine's Day.
Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Part 2
Checking out the baby in the mirror
Looking for more presents
Thank you Nana and Pop Steve!
Not happy about the snow
Playing in the snow


Allison said...

Very cute! I love the photo. I'll have to check out the YouTube videos.

Steven said...

What a great idea, particularly for us "old timers"; it will remind us what has gone on years from now when we won't even remember our own names.

Thanks again,

Pop Steve