Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Favorite Things

So I'm stealing this idea from Munchkinetta's mom. These are some of Lillian's current favorites.

She LOVES to color. I have to leave a box of crayons on her table with a sheet of paper at all times. She will go back to the crayons over and over again throughout the day. She really loves markers too, although she only gets to use those when I'm sitting with her. She asks for them all the time. Today when we were in AC Moore we went past the crayola aisle and she got so excited, yelling over and over for them.

She loves all books, but this is her current favorite. This is the book my mom gave me for my first Mother's Day. It's a collection of 5 stories, and we have to read at least one of the every night before bed. She likes to read it to herself as well, especially the Stinky Face story. She loves all her other books as well, she spends alot of time reading them during the day while we are playing in the living room.

Dancing in her tutu to "I Hope You Dance" with Angelina Ballerina. Daddy bought her the tutu for Christmas because she loves to dance around her room each night with Angelina. Now they match each other while they dance.

Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat BLAST OFF!
The Little Einsteins are a definite favorite right now. The tv show, the books, the bath toys - if it has Rocket, Annie, Leo, June or Quincy she loves it.

She likes Elmo alot more than mommy does. She enjoyed Sesame Street Live, likes to drag around her Elmo from Grandpa and Nannie that is as big as she is, and likes to talk to Elmo at Nana's house over the Webcam.

She will do anything to get to a computer. Including climbing her toybox to get onto the desk when Mommy and Daddy aren't looking.

Last but definitely not least, Bear. Bear has become Lillian's security item. We now have 5 of them, just in case something happens to one because she can't go to bed without it.

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