Saturday, December 11, 2010

Go Check Out These Giveaways

I have been very lucky building up Sunflower's diaper stash. I have won quite a few giveaways, giving me the chance to try different brands of diapers to find out what works best for us without having to spend a lot of money on diapers that didn't work. 29 Diapers is currently hosting a giveaway a day for 29 days. Most of the prizes are cloth diapers, wonderful for anyone who already diapers or would like to try it, but there are also some wonderful prizes for any parent, all natural laundry detergent, diaper rash cream, and gift cards to parenting stores.

Today's giveaway is my absolute favorite, knit wool longies from sustainablebabyish/sloomb. I still have to post about our great visit to Sloomb, Lily's new love, and Sunflower's amazing longies. But trust me, these are the most amazing things I have ever put on her, cloth diapering or not. They make a great diaper cover for her fitteds, but they are also just a super soft, breathable, warm pair of pants over disposables as well. As much as I hate the extra competition since I really want to win this one myself, you should head on over to 29 Diapers each day and check out what is going on.

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