Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lilypad Likes: Unpaper Towels and Dispensers

We have been making a real effort to be more green at the Lilypad. I have switched to vinegar and water for cleaning, environmentally friendly laundry detergent, reusable snack bags, stainless steel water bottles, even cloth diapers. The one place where I have to admit I am far from green is paper towels. We use them for cleaning up spills, napkins, wiping down counters and tables, pretty much everything. I try to remember to grab a dishtowel instead, but the drawer just isn't as convenient as the paper towel dispenser on the counter.

That's why I love these unpaper towels and the dispenser from Made In The Red Barn. The unpaper towels are made from a single layer of birdseye cotton fabric and are similar in size, shape and weight to paper towels. The dispenser would look wonderful sitting on the counter in place of the paper towel holder, making the unpaper towels just as easy to grab as a paper towel. There isn't even any extra work involved other than throwing them in the washing machine, the dispenser is designed for easy filling, you just put the washed towels back in unfolded.

You can see more styles on their Etsy site or find them on Facebook. I'm going to bookmark their site to come back to soon.

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christina said...

Paper towels are my vice, too. I am trying to be better about using dishtowels, but sometimes you just need one sheet! I've gravitated towards recycled paper products, which is a good start.

Anonymous said...

Well, one good point about being old is having some of the "old habits" and I plead guilty. But at least I am coming back into style. I never have paper towels handy. I always have dish towels for "clean - clean-ups", one hanging right at the sink for constantly drying hands, and a basket of cut-up old rags under the sink for cleaning up the messes that I want to just throw away :-( Now how is that for recycle and green? :-)